TTC Updates

As you can see, I have been away for awhile as until recently nothing drastically had changed regarding my TTC journey.

As I mentioned in my first TTC post, I did change doctors during the summer because the OBGYN’s nurse was completely incompetent.   My doctor would give me a 3 month refill on my medication and regularly checked my thyroid levels every three months, just to make sure they were optimal, but the nurse never kept up with the calendar correctly and continually wanted me to come in every month in order to get my refill.  The drive was an hour long, and then they would make me wait an hour, just to be taken back to get the blood draw.  After this happening twice, I was done.

I did a lot of research starting with the hospital I would prefer to give birth in and found a terrific doctor AND staff that I have now.  It’s closer.  I never, ever wait more than five minutes for any appointment.  The phlebotomist even takes her own appointments, so no waiting to be handed from one person to another.

I did two rounds of clomid with my new doctor, and the pain and bleeding I was experiencing during my period and in between continued to increase.  He did bloodwork, and it all came out stellar.  So then it came time to do a sono, and I have fibroids, again.  If my original OBGYN had listened to me when this started a year ago, things may have been drastically different.  She basically wasted a year of us TTC as well as 5 rounds of clomid.

My OBGYN recommended we go to the fertility specialist to get a consultation as well as the fertility specialist performing the fibroid removal as they take great care in preserving your fertility.  We have an appointment scheduled in January, so that is where we are at right now. ❤



TTC’ing at age 42

I am 42, and my husband is 44.  I have two step-children that are grown including 2 grand babies.  We’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now.  I never wanted children of my own until I hit 40, and DH was finally on board.  I have PCOS, so I’m currently taking my third round of Clomid.  I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in June 2016.

I recently changed OBGYN’s, and I really like my new doctor as well as all the staff.  They even have a plebotomist and sono on site, so no worry about going to another facility.  He was also okay with prescribing my thyroid medication as my previous OBGYN had done. She found the Hashi’s and never saw a reason for me to see an endocrinologist.  If it does become a problem for my doctor to manage, then he will refer me to an endo, but for now I have mostly good days and my numbers are fine.

I’ve been managing my Hashi’s fairly well with Levo and using the auto-immune protocol diet.  I’ve been reintro-ing foods since November 2016, but I have had little reactions so far.  I need to limit dairy and corn, but I’ve had nightshades and rice with no reactions.  I may go back to a stricter AIP as I felt better and was managing my weight better.  I also think that it had positive impact on my fertility.

My 21 day tests have been hit or miss so far.  Feb – positive, Mar – negative, April – positive, May – negative.  The new doctor and I agreed not to wait much longer before trying other fertility treatments.  I will do one or two more rounds of Clomid before seeing a fertility specialist.  I also want to look into having acupuncture done as I’ve heard lots of positives about it.

Only one family member knows that we are TTC simply because we do not need or want the added stress, as well as any disappointment that may come along especially for our older family members.  A hand full of friends know, but our closest friends, that are also TTCing, are moving across the country very soon.  We don’t speak about it, so it’s been a lonely journey so far.

So here I am, blogging about it instead.  ❤